Why do I need to use the Supplyant Help Desk?

Why do I need to use the help desk?

Using Help Desk means that it is much quicker for our team to deal with your ticket as quickly as possible because all of the relevant information that we need to carry out investigations are outlined in the form; such as the URL, what system it is affecting, etc.

How does this benefit me?

It allows for accurate information to be entered into the system and allows you to provide screenshots and images, which shows our team the detail of the problem which will aid in the investigation and the process of elimination. By submitting as much information as you can on your issue our team are able to help you quickly and efficiently.

How long will this take?

All tickets will be responded to within an hour of receiving them and in the case of any issue, as the investigation progresses, the customer will be kept up-to-date on the findings, particularly if more questions are raised.

Our team may respond with questions that were raised during an initial investigation, or perhaps even suggestions that the customer could try before it is investigated any further.

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