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Build a website you can be proud of

At Supplyant our web development team are the real experts. With the latest coding practices, and complying with the highest industry standards cements us at the forefront of innovation. Our websites are stable, secure and strong and with the use of our platforms, you will be in the fast lane for e-commerce success.

Our team has years of experience enabling us to cut through the complexity of web development. Through the use of our knowledge on multiple platforms, we can deliver the website that suits your needs and requirements, keeping your business and brand image alive.

Profitable Design

As well as creating you a stunning website, we design and build with one purpose in mind, your customers. We ensure that your website complies with industry standards, and create a great user experience.

3rd Party Integrations

Our extensive knowledge and experience with system integrations such as PayPal, Braintree, Khaos Control and more, allows us to select the best resources to save you time and money.

Platform Experts

Our dedicated team of developers and merchandisers have knowledge on all major platforms. These include WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. We can create a new website or enhance your current one to convert your leads into sales.

Why Supplyant?

Our skilled web development team work with integrating systems together to improve operational efficiency and business synergy. This has a measurable impact on your business through PHP, Javascript and more.

By working with us you will soon realise that our websites deliver an outstanding online presence and achieve commercial results.

We always use the most appropriate technology for every project that we work on. Our expertise stretches across WordPress, Shopify and Magento platforms, as well as our own platforms Marlene, and Nelson.

“40% of visitors will abandon a website page that takes 3 seconds or more to load.”

Now you can increase your leads and convert the sale

Our aim is to solve your problems, whether that be a more user-friendly site, going responsive or increasing conversions.

Performance is key when it comes to your website but it can be a pain when it doesn’t work properly. You start to lose sales, leads, and your conversion rate drops when your website is slow.

For us, performance is consistently incorporated into every project we complete for a client. By continually reviewing we make sure you are always getting the most out of your website and our partnership.

Don’t be the last to go responsive

Responsive website design is possibly the most important factor a web designer must take into account.

Customers expect these things and with a large part of the e-commerce market now mobile, your website must be adaptable. Supplyant offers iOS and Android development as well as great customer care, to support you.

While creating you a stunning website that performs brilliantly, our developers can support 3rd party integrations. These include PayPal, Braintree, MailChimp, Khaos Control and more to save you time and money.

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Our proven eCommerce strategies have helped our clients achieve tremendous success and growth within their business.

See what our customers have to say

  • I had massive plans for growth for my company. During our four year partnership online sales growth has been incredible"

    390% increase in sales Chris Li
  • We have been working with Supplyant for over 3 years now and whilst they have contribute massively to all aspects of growing our business online, I am particularly proud of the Realm of Reptiles Facebook page. Through effective management of our presence on Facebook, we are rapidly generating a following this both significant in number and a genuine pleasure to engage with. We owe Supplyant a great deal of thanks.

    233% annual sales growth Lois Hook
  • I was getting leads into my website but they were not resulting in sales. The team at Supplyant reorganised my homepage which resulted in a 13% increase in conversions.

    13% increase in conversions Kaythryn Beaurin
  • With thanks to the help we received from Supplyant, our Pay Per Click campaigns have given us a lasting presence at the top of Google and we haven't had to pay through the nose for it. The most important thing though is that the people who come to our site are generally finding exactly what they are looking for.

    Kevin Walker
  • We worked on our existing PLA campaign with Supplyant. We optimised the product feed and managed to get a 288% increase in PLA transactions whilst lowering CPA by 32%

    288% increase in conversions Jos Williams
  • We recognised the growth of voucher and affiliates sites was a great opportunity to let people find out about us. The Supplyant team and it's partners allowed us to attack this channel we promote through. The rapid growth in this areas has opened up opportunities to not only work through affiliate providers but partner with the biggest sites directly.

    Chris Li
  • One of the main things I have learned through working with Supplyant is the value of testing and measuring every decision I  make, whether it be changes to my website, or new marketing strategies. I feel as though I understand my customers much better now.

    Phillip Yau
  • Having just started selling my patented golf swing aid, I have yet to build up a large database to distribute content to. Nevertheless, together with Supplyant I have to put together a brilliant email marketing campaign, complete with videos and have already motivated people to buy my product within a relatively small following. Growing my database is the top priority now!

    Tony Clark
  • When people need to replace their car's suspension kit, there are many companies to choose from, Supplyant increased my market share by driving my organic traffic up by 62%.

    62% Increase in organic traffic Roger Keys
  • We've enjoyed fantastic revenue growth from our website since working with Supplyant. We're now setting huge sale growth targets with the confidence we will hit them.

    Ravi Karia

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