Our Top 6 eCommerce Problems

How do I achieve profitable long-term growth?

Increasing sales is only one way to grow an online e-commerce business but what matters is profitability. Online retailers always need to find ways to cut costs improve marketing reduce overhead and reduced Shipping and the control the number of returns.

How do I convert shoppers into paying customers?

Driving quality traffic and nurturing leads is vital if you want to get the sale a certain point, you need to convert these leads in order to pay for your marketing campaigns period. As retailers we must constantly optimise converting leads as well as website visitors into customers. Conversion optimisation is a continuous process.

How do I get attention online?

Online marketing can be a complete mystery if you’re not familiar and up to date with the latest marketing approaches. It can be a detailed and highly technical requirement and knowledge across a wide selection of skills that’s really required to get the job done.

It starts with being clear about your business message and communicating it clearly. Then you need to gain visibility online, and then convert the leads into paying customers. Finding these customers and the right strategies can prove an expensive experience.

Here’s four ideas to get attention:

  1. Content

The first thing you should do is write content. This is your ammunition to go out there and communicate with your prospects and start the process of forging a relationship.

  1. Recycle

Once you have your content you have to recycle it across every channel on the internet. Create a great thesis and cool piece of content that will run and run. video, word, voice… Broadcast your message across them all so that your message is reaching people in a format that they enjoy using.

  1. Measure

If you can’t measure your marketing you never know what’s working. If you don’t know what’s working you’ll be throwing money down the drain for sure. Make sure your regularly checking Analytics and advertising so that it comes in at an affordable cost.

  1. Be found

You want to make sure that all your customers and your prospects can find you easily and quickly for the terms that you want to be found for. Think about all search opportunities including SEO and paid search. Also consider if social media is good for you. Whichever you choose and enjoy using will last and gain a following if you apply yourself.

How do I make the right decision on digital strategy?

When we ask owners and senior decision makers in medium sized businesses about digital strategy, most say that they are not the best person to make that decision but it falls to them because there is nobody else in the business to make the call.

There are three things that you need to do:

  1. Growth plan

You need to completely immerse yourself into the business and use your team to identify any growth resistance points and work on defining ways to help break through barriers and unlock scale with speed.

You must do a complete top line audit of your business model, financials, organisation, product, distribution, sales, marketing, advertising, paid Media creative and operations to analyse every imaginable to unlock and help you scale and grow.

  • Sharpen your business model and strategy
  • Identify potential fast track grower
  • Focus on what works ie what you can measure
  • Add selective help on execution
  1. Collaborations

In stage 2 you must focus on creating collaborations, plugging your business into people and companies that can help you scale. You must find the most talented companies and people and tap into a network to key decision makers and influencers.

Identify suppliers, i.e. warehousing, packaging SEO Analytics CRM and get access to the key decision makers who can share advice on the next stage of your journey.

The approach must be about making sure that you’re getting to the execution stage and start bringing your great plan to life. Your collaborators will be there for you when emergency strikes.

  1. Mentors

When you choose to go on the journey you must leverage mentors who have countless years of industry experience that is going to put you ahead of the competition by unlocking meaning for growth and insights to win. You should be looking for weekly consultations on topics of your choice, a hotline for emergency questions and access to subject matter experts.

How do I get my marketing department to think digital?

As your customers are increasingly connecting with your brand online, it’s vital that your marketing is shifting towards a digital-first approach. However, digital transformation requires leadership from the top. Educating yourself on the importance of this relatively new way of marketing and encouraging a test-and-learn approach is the first step.

Today’s marketing benefits from digital innovation and businesses are continuously taking risks to invest money into digital platforms, social marketing, and adapting brand messages to speak to your prospects in concise and relevant ways.

It’s been vital to show high engagement, shareability, and video view-through rates as a way to show that it’s important to communicate with our consumers in the way they need. It’s crucial that these changes be embraced from the top down to win–and more importantly, be sustainable–in the current consumer climate.

How do I attract and hold online attention?

You are inundated with messages 24/7. Engagement with traditional ad formats is on the decline, and mistrust and skepticism within audiences is on the rise. There are two ways you can combat these challenges:

  1. Allow someone else to tell your story for you. I have seen success connecting with audiences by leveraging micro-influencers to help champion value-driven campaigns.
  2. Create experiences. Every interaction with a customer or prospect is an opportunity to create a memorable experience. Immersive experiences are presenting marketers a new set of tools to build on that can make interactions truly remarkable.

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