The Secret to a successful Facebook Advertising Campaign

So how can I make Facebook Advertising work for me?

With over 1 billion active daily users, logging on over 15 times a day, are you potentially missing a huge opportunity with social advertising to promote your content and raise brand awareness?

Advertising on Facebook has grown over 680% since 2010 and we are noticing that B2B marketers aren’t jumping on the bandwagon along with B2C businesses. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you sell, the 1 billion daily active users is a critical mass of your target audience.

1. Set clear goals – What are you trying to accomplish for you business?


To make Facebook Advertising successful for your business you need to have an end goal; something to work towards and to measure the success.

Do you want to:

  • Promote an event
  • Get more likes on your page
  • Want more visitors on your site
  • Want to grow your brand awareness
  • Want more customers to redeem your offer, deals or fill out a form

By having a clear goal in mind, you will be able to use your Facebook Ads more effectively and will be in a better position to track the results so you are able to make smarter decisions on how to improve.

Whatever the goal is ensure that the ‘end goal’ is very clear with the action you want your customers to take, because if they don’t understand what you want them to do or where you want them to go, they just won’t bother.

2. Who do you want to target or who are you trying to reach out to?


Facebook has a great range of advanced targeting features, which will allow you to get your message out in front of the right people, so you are able to gain more meaning results from your ad.

  • You can target your audience using some these valuable features;
  • Interest
  • Demographic
  • Location

With over 1 billion people (potential customers) using Facebook you can’t target them all and you shouldn’t. Having a more narrow, smaller and easier to handle target group you have a better chance of making your Facebook Ad a success as these people you are targeting are more likely to be interested in your product or service, helping you to achieve your end goal.

3. Create and attract attention with a stunning design


If you want your target audience to be attracted to your Facebook Ad, it needs to attract the ‘attention’ and will need to have specific images or graphic design specific to your business and brand. This is achieved through ensuring your ads are professionally made with a ‘magnetic headline’ that states the action you want your audience to take.

Top Tips:

#1 Stick to having a 20% text ratio as the more text within your ad’s image the less reach it will have.

#2 Professional design doesn’t have to be expensive, try using an online designer from Fiverr prices start from $5+

4. Test, test and test again


After you’ve launched your amazing Facebook Ad you can’t just leave it running and expect to work on its own. Although you have put in the work and effort to reach your target audience with your campaign, doesn’t necessarily mean you will gain results straight away.

You will need to closely monitor the performance of your advert and try out different times, days and even have variations of the same ad with a slightly different design or headline to ensure that you are gaining maximum results with a good insight on how your audience are receiving the ads. This method is called Split Testing. (what is split testing?)

Now you can launch campaigns like a pro!


  • Set clear and measurable goals
  • Know your target audience inside and out
  • Ensure your Facebook Ad’s have the ‘wow’ factor that will attract attention and action
  • Test & Measure

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