Who wants to learn how to stop wasting their time and resource?

Time is money. That includes your time too.

An extract from the “Make It Fail” eBook.

You have to give your project time, if you don’t you risk looking back and using it as an excuse as to why you failed. Set aside a dedicated half-day or hour a week to progress it with clear milestones.

Something that could make you fantastically successful should not suffer because of your own lack of structure and organisation. After all of those hours thinking about it and hoping to make it a reality, the biggest let down will always be not setting aside your own time to manage it properly. Make your calendar your new best friend and dedicate time to check up and review.

Deadlines are vital to make sure you have given yourself enough time to make a difference. When an athlete starts out they can’t perfect their skill in a month, it takes years to get where they want to be. The same goes with business plans, if you give yourself too little time, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

The resource for your project is important when deciding a time frame. Knowing what you will need and when, means you can be more accurate, leaving you less likely to face blockers and hurdles.

Delegation allows you to pass on tasks while staying in control of the project. By entrusting teammates through agile leadership you allow them to become experts in your project and they can lead themselves. They will begin to take a personal interest because your passion is being passed on to them all. Delivering a project will no longer feel like a lone task when your team all want to give 100% too.

So if, when it’s done you can say that you gave it everything that you possibly could to make it a success and it still didn’t work out that is okay. You don’t need to look back and second guess. If it does work out, great, you have achieved your goals.

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