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Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas

With Black Friday looming closer, it’s time to get ahead of the game and start planning your marketing campaigns. If you want to make the most out of this promotional season, check out our Top Ten Tips for Black Friday Marketing Ideas.

Have a countdown timer to create a buzz

Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity to create excitement amongst your brand, product or service and there’s no better way to create a buzz than hosting a countdown timer.

Let your customers know what’s to come ahead of the sales, including insights to ‘exclusive’ offers or perhaps a new product launch. This can be achieved through putting a countdown timer on your website or counting down the days with graphics on through your social media channels.

Set up a Facebook event

In theme with the countdown timer, you could create an event on your Facebook channel to give your customers the heads up about what’s to come with your ‘Black Friday’ deals to again create excited and anticipation.

With the event you will be able to tell who is interested in your deals and they will get updates by notification when you post on the event page.

Sneak peeks on social media

Use your social media platforms to offer sneak peeks into products or services that will be included in the ‘Black Friday’ sale. Like the countdown this will give your customers a good notice period and will create that excitement leading up to the sale.

Offer deals to loyal customers

Through analytics that are available across your channels, you can track who opens your email campaigns the most, who engages with your social media the most and so on. With this data use it to offer exclusive ‘Black Friday’ deals to your loyal customers and fans, you could offer a deal that hasn’t been released to the public yet or create a tailored discount code for them to use.

‘Join our mailing list’ exclusives

Looking to bump up your subscribers list? Use ‘Black Friday’ to attract and entice customers to sign up by offering them an exclusive deal or discount code in relation to ‘Black Friday’.

Offer Free shipping

You should always offer free shipping where commercially possible, however if this is not the case use ‘Black Friday’ as a reason to offer free shipping to all customers applying ‘Black Friday’ discount codes, promotions and products under the sale.

Paid advertising

Looking to try out PPC? Or want to get the most out of your campaigns? Then ‘Black Friday’ offers the perfect opportunity. As the seasonal times are already a busy time for online shoppers, up your game on your paid ad’s and allow for a bigger budget.

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Create a gift guide or bundle related products together

When showcasing your Black Friday deals, try creating a ‘Gift Guide’ or bundling ‘related products’ through an email or social media post by selecting items based on price, gender colour, relevance etc.

By giving your customers a visual of how your products can go together or by tailoring them as suitable gifts for loved ones will give your customers that are looking for a Christmas present deal more of an incentive to buy.

Offer free gift with purchase

If your exceptional deals and discounts don’t entice your customers, peak their interest by offering a free gift with purchases over a certain amount and don’t forget to include what the gift is worth to add that extra value.

Promote a charity

Promotional and seasonal periods are the perfect time to get a charity on board. Try offering and showcasing that a percentage of profits will go to your chosen charity.


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