The people who make it possible

#5 Team work

As a team we work together combining all skills and knowledge to ensure that you reach your goals and targets, whatever it takes.

  • Nick Morton
    Nick Morton Commercial Director

    Joint owner and founder of Supplyant, Nick has over 20 years experience in Design and Advertising, setting up his first business at 21 and taking a joint venture from zero to multi-millions online in just 24 months.

  • Simon Morton
    Simon Morton Managing Director

    Joint owner and founder of Supplyant, Simon has over 15 years experience in online retailing and continues to share this knowledge to help other companies increase their profits online, handling over £60 million of e-commerce orders annually on behalf of our clients.

Head of Departments

  • Simon Binner
    Simon Binner Head of Client Care
  • David Thingsaker
    David Thingsaker Head of Production
  • Robert Wells
    Robert Wells Sales Development Manager
  • Carl Mayers
    Carl Mayers Head of Resources & BA

Client Care Managers

  • Michelle Higgs
    Michelle Higgs Client Care Manager
  • Ben Clarke
    Ben Clarke Client Care Manager
  • Steve Hayward
    Steve Hayward Client Care Manager


  • Graham Burrows
    Graham Burrows Senior Web and Graphic Designer
  • Phebe Ryder
    Phebe Ryder Merchandising
  • Max Aluko
    Max Aluko Merchandising
  • Elliott Stone
    Elliott Stone Merchandising

Digital Advertising

  • Rob Watson
    Rob Watson Head of Digital Marketing
  • Peter Clemente
    Peter Clemente PPC Specialist
  • Jeremiah Clemente
    Jeremiah Clemente PPC Specialist
  • Mon Dalmacio
    Mon Dalmacio PPC Specialist

Finance, Sales & Project Management

  • Aileen Major
    Aileen Major Accountant
  • Amanda Spencer
    Amanda Spencer Accounts & HR
  • Steph Wilkins
    Steph Wilkins Scheduling & QA Executive
  • Holly Harte
    Holly Harte Business Development Coordinator


  • Martin Macmillan
    Martin Macmillan Web Developer
  • Robert Alexa
    Robert Alexa Help Desk Support Analyst
  • Mark Canning
    Mark Canning Development Operations

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