The Good, The Bad and The Unconstructive

A chapter taken from the latest marketing ebook ‘You’re Doing it All Wrong’ (Click to download)

Feedback, the one thing that is priceless to any business and that can make or break you. Everyone knows reviews are read before anyone even thinks about buying a product, they are vital in order for customers to make informed decisions.

“61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and they are now essential for ecommerce sites.”

It’s all very well someone saying “Your work was great!”, I mean praise seems quite easy to handle — we all love to be praised, especially when the praise is nonspecific, such as “loved it!” Go ahead and bask in the praise: It is a reward for your work and a motivation to push forward. But such praise is not necessarily valuable feedback.

The really juicy stuff is the bad feedback. Tell us what we did wrong. Tell us how to improve. Tell us why you aren’t happy. This is exactly what we need to improve and succeed.

Negative feedback gives us knowledge, the fact is that, we don’t know what we don’t know, so when we are told that we have done something wrong, we gain the ability to do something about it. No longer will you sit back like a moody teenager who thinks they know everything, you will be able to use what you have learnt in order to improve.

As well, negative feedback literally hands you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your ability to respond to the concerns of your customer showing them your willingness to help – and stopping them from seeking the services of another.

However, the real problem here is unconstructive criticism, someone saying “be better” is the worst, it’s just not helpful at all, it’s not even criticism it’s rubbish.

The fact is that this doesn’t help anyone, not the customer with their issue or your business when trying to improve. This will just lead to poor results time after time because there is a lack of effective communication.

So stop pretending you are above the bad reviews, use them and abuse them. Pick them apart till you will never make a mistake again.

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