Need more information? These are the most common questions asked before a client signs up.

How much time do I get exactly?

This depends on the technicians required to complete the task required in the plan. Our commitment is to pledge the tasks that will be completed within the agreed timescale and reasonable expectancy and reported back. If at anytime you are not clear we will escalate the concern and provide detailed individual task reporting and resolution process.  Your Client Care Manager has set time every week to discuss.

Do you guarantee to hit the targets you set?

No, as there are too many factors outside our control to guarantee this and we would question any company that can. However, we are very focused on them as a measure of success over the long term as set out in our vision. We do offer a guarantee of total client satisfaction.

Can I increase or decrease the support?

Yes, at any time. As the business grows, it naturally required extra resource to keep up with the extra demands. We can also help with recruitment and training of your own team too.  If you need to reduce our cost for any reason, we can modify the programme and job description to fit.

What other assurances can you give before I start?

We will always ensure due-diligence before taking on a new client and carry out a detailed client review and only work with companies we feel we can make a difference. We follow proven business processes that mitigate the risk of failure and offer the guarantee there’s no upfront lump sums, you can cancel at anytime, and get the last month’s fee back.

Next Steps

Supplyant are ready to support you and your team to implement a long term improvement plan for your online business.

  • Have you found a more flexible, easy to manage all in one sales & marketing solution?
  • Can you afford to put the online challenges you are acutely aware of off any longer?
  • Want to work faster, smarter, more profitably and have proven talent able to start work immediately?
  • Want to reduce risk, reduce cost and build a high-value results focused team within your own business?

Don’t put it off any longer.  Start the Supplyant Programme today and start growing your online business.

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