6 Benefits of Email Marketing for the Small Business Owner


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An extended extract from “14 Days of Growth Hacks” eBook.

As marketeers and business owners we spend our time frantically searching for new ways to gain new leads and prospects. But, what about the loyal customers who have been repeatedly buying from you for years?

We sometimes forget that the ones who have supported us all along should get offers and promotions too, not just the shiny new ones. These customers don’t need to fall in love with your product or services, they need to be appreciated and rewarded.

“You will always get the best ROI by speaking to your existing customers, instead of trying to attract new ones. Email always works if you do it right.” – Rob Watson, Head of Digital Marketing at Supplyant.

For small businesses sometimes it can be hard to see the real benefits of email marketing but here are 6 that will be sure to change your views.

1. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg

Compared to mainstream channels, Email Marketing is a steal, there are no extra fees like when advertising in a magazine or on TV. Granted there may be a small overhead in sending thousand of emails at once but these cost are far lower than other marketing channels so utilise it!

2. Easy to create

Email Marketing doesn’t require a degree in marketing or a huge team of designers in order to get results. You can certainly jazz up an email using templates, videos and funky graphics however, some of the most successful campaigns are the simplest. The content and offer is what is important.

3. Expand your audience

When you have loyal customers, they are more likely to forward fantastic deals to friends because they trust you as a company and brand. You don’t have to put in the hard work because it is so easy for other people to share and introduce you to completely new markets. Social proof can be a huge for selling online and through email.

4. You can track everything

Forget the days of testing what is right and wrong, whilst never really getting anywhere. With Email Marketing it is easy to see the problems you are having. You can have a field day tracking open rates, click through rates on links and CTAs and conversion rates, on all devices! You can easily see how to improve your campaign and make the changes immediately.

5. Want results now?

Email is here one minute and in hundreds of people’s inboxes the next getting you new leads and customers. 24 hour sales are one of the most ingenious marketing ploys that email can take advantage of. The sense of urgency makes your audience take action. Billboards can take ages to get results, and even if they do you can’t test and measure if they are working.

6. The bottom line – ROI

Results are arguably all that matters, the reason most businesses invest in Email Marketing is the return on investment. Many sources suggest that it is the best platform, so maybe you should start taking it more seriously.

You know you want to give it a go, so contact Supplyant today and kick start your Email Marketing adventure.

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