How do you meet customers expectations?

Merchandising refers to the variety of products available for sale and the display of those products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.

When eCommerce first began, competition was limited and it was seen as a low cost outlet for incremental sales. However, with thousands of companies selling products online to both businesses and consumers, it takes more than nice site design and a shopping cart to be competitive and profitable.

In order to gain a advantage, online retailers are now adopting the same added value principles used to attract high street shoppers to obtain higher conversion rates and higher orders values.

5 methods to turn browsers into buyers

  • Where is it? – Make it easier for you customers to find what they want
  • Know your customers – Present content in a relevant way. Your customer’s way
  • Talk about them and not you! – Focus on customer benefits and providing solutions
  • Make it easy – Remove reasons not to buy (EG Guarantee)
  • FACTS not opinion – Any site changes should be tested and results analysed

Keep up with your customers

Emotional responses, quality content and credibility all play their role in the customer’s decision process and a solutions based approach is a must. Remember, by using a search engine, potential customers could enter your site from any point and as such need to navigate your site from the inside out.

Not only are these practices important from a consumer perspective but also critical to site and search rankings due to recent, humanistic Google updates. This trend will continue.

At Supplyant we address all of these issues and more. Our platform is constantly evolving to address new consumer habits and partner requirements. We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to.

Supplyant sites deliver consistently better shopping experiences based on business-specific merchandising strategies and rules. After all, technology is only as good when used in conjunction with best practice. Contact Us to find out how we do it.

“After joining with Supplyant and seeing the success they have had with other websites, we started playing around with the pictures on our own website, so that we could get them to measure any changes. After discovering the ‘Thumbs up Girl” we have never looked back. This gem of a picture has given a simply ridiculous ROI.” Barry Swann, Performance Filters