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How to make your customers buy

If you have experience of doing ecommerce, you know that directing traffic to your website is only part of the story. Visits to your homepage mean nothing if nobody buys anything. Start improving your conversion rate today by testing how effectively your visitors engage with your products and services and start increasing your success rate.

What is your conversion rate?

You might not know, many website owners don’t. If you do and it’s below 2%, then you would be considered below average. This key metric measures when a visitor completes your goal, whether that be buying a product, requesting a quote or even signing up to a mailing list.


If you truly believe in the value of your product or service, but your sales figures suggest that others do not, then there is likely to be an issue with the look, feel and the general user experience of your website.

You can improve your online performance by:

  • Finding out exactly why people are not converting
  • Understanding what your customers need
  • Identifying and correcting user experience issues
  • Identifying and removing barriers to sale
  • Providing ongoing multi-variation testing with tracking and reporting

Heatmaps show you how your customers want to use your site

In order to understand your customers you need to understand their browsing habits and this best achieved though testing.This can take the form of heatmapping, A/B multivariate testing, Google Analytics or even surveys. Your website is an ongoing experiment that is never finished and is constantly evolving just like your customers needs.

At Supplyant, we continually test and measure and report key data back to our partners. We use a best practice combination of technology and traditional retailing techniques to turn shoppers to customers. We focus our clients marketing budgets on tried and tested solutions that guarantee results.

To find out exactly where you are losing customers or for a free eCommerce Healthcheck, get in touch now.

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